The Legions of Rome
The Swords

Lorica Sgementata Armor... Gladius Blade... Legion Assembled... Roman Empire... Legion Eagle

For centuries, an empire stood, uniting much of the known world in peace and splendor. An empire that created advances in sciences, mathematics, theology, culture, and war that still stand today, symbols of the might of humanity Rome stood as the center of the world, in politics, sciences, religion, wealth, and might. Defended by the most powerful and feared fighting force of the time, Rome stood against all enemies as an unmovable rock, a fortress. The Legions stood as the protectors of the empire for more than five hundred years, becoming the most highly trained standing army in history. The legions earned the respect of even their enemies, and eventually, in a small tribe in modern day Germany, the legions were given a name that has echoed throughout the ages of history: Bus Gladii Reliquit Imperium Romanum... The Swords of Rome These were the Legions, the greatest fighting force that humanity ever trained.
Each Legion was trained to a degree that the modern world cannot understand. Even the American Navy SEALs, British SAS, and Israeli Mossad cannot compare to the training regimens of the Roman legions, though the Mossad come the closest. A combination of training, high morale, unshakeable confidence, and the productive capacity and manpower pool of an entire empire at their back, the legions were a formidable fighting force. Few legions were ever destroyed outright, and those only when caught outnumbered in highly indefensible locations. Yet despite the strength of the legions, after a series of forced reforms, the legions failed in their duty to protect Rome, and Rome fell at last. The Eastern Roman Empire did not continue the use of the legions, and they faded into history, long thought of as an obsolete relic of an age long gone. The legions still did their duty as long as they were capable of doing it. Rome still stands in history as a monument to the power and might of humanity, and as a testament to the true strength of the empire.
Bus Gladii Reliquit Imperium Romanum.
The Swords of the Roman Imperium.
Beyond this point lies a summary of our understanding of the history, equipment, structure, and power of the Roman legions, along with a chronicle of their existence.

Equipment and Structure

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